Episode 80: Keratoprosthesis Vitrectomy and Adaptive Optics with Dr. Mina Chung

mina chung.jpg

Dr. Mina Chung of University of Rochester joins the show to talk approaching vitrectomy in eyes with a keratoprosthesis and adaptive optics.


[0:52] Introduction

[1:08] Why did you first decide to do ophthalmology, and then retina?

[2:52] Discussion of ability versus desire/drive, when it comes to choosing a sub-speciality.

[4:40] Discussion of vitrectomy in cases of keratoprosthesis.

[8:00] Pearls regarding how to actually perform the vitrectomy.

[12:37] How do you manage to see wide enough in periphery? Do you shave these cases or not?

[17:30] Can you give a quick summary of adaptive optics and its implications for the future?

[21:57] What were some of the things that influenced you to switch jobs, and what were the pros/cons of this move?

[24:55] What have been your personal experiences regarding progress of women in the medical field and the field of retina?

[27:05] Conclusion


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