Episode 65: Surgical Device Design and Innovation with Michael Fanning


Michael Fanning, CEO of Vortex Surgical (link http://www.vortexsurgical.com/), joins the program to discuss a non-physician perspective on surgical device design and how physicians can contribute to the process.

##### Thanks to @Mike Venincasa for Episode Outline and @Louie Cai for Episode Production #####

[0:49] Introduction

[1:17] How did you get involved in ophthalmology? What is your background?

[3:32] For the younger physicians or medical students interested in innovation, what are the qualities of the best physician-innovators with whom you’ve worked?

[6:04] What are some of your red-flags that suggest that a physician is not committed to the innovation process?

[9:20] If I have a brilliant idea, how do I take this from an idea in my head to a product in the market?

[14:13] What products produced by device companies in retina have the highest and lowest margins?

[15:10] For which parts of a machine can products from any company be used even when the other parts are proprietary?

[16:15] In your mind, what is the single biggest reason that a device idea fails?

[18:07] Do you have any final points that most retinal surgeons or physicians may not realize about product development?

[20:10] Conclusion



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