Episode 84: Intraoperative OCT and Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma with Dr. Lejla Vajzovic

Lejla Vajzovic.jpg

Dr. Lejla Vajzovic of Duke University joins the program to discuss how she incorporates intraoperative OCT into her adult and pediatric retina surgical practice, applications of autologous platelet rich plasma to retinal surgery, and approaching pediatric retina as a fellow or new attending.


[1:12] Introduction

[1:40] How did you first become interested in ophthalmology, and then in retina?

[3:35] Duke has been a pioneering location for use of intraoperative OCT. How does this technique work its way into your day-to-day in the operating room?

[7:30] Discussion about whether intraoperative OCT will become more prominent as the types of retinal surgeries performed change.

[9:01] Can you talk about your technique for chronic large macular holes?

[12:00] How did you become involved in pediatric retina, and what advice would you have for those interested in it?

[13:40] How do you balance all of the different priorities in your life?

[15:55] What are your current gauge preferences, machine preferences, and what does your typical operating room look like?

[17:00] Conclusion