Episode 86: Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellowship Application Q&A

Dr. Thomas Jenkins of Wills Eye Hospital and Dr. Elizabeth Marlow of Cornell University join the show to discuss their experiences as vitreoretinal surgical fellowship applicants this year. Topics covered include a discussion of surgical numbers, factors considered when making a rank list, and advice for next year's applicants.


[1:03] Introduction

[2:05] What were typical surgery numbers being tossed around the trail?

[4:20] Discussion of the importance of viewing surgical logs during the application process, and the process of learning surgical technique.

[6:37] Discussion of the subjectivity of surgical logs.

[7:07] Top 5 important factors when choosing a fellowship program.

[8:20] Why is the number of faculty at an institution important? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a large number of faculty?

[11:20] What were the 3 most common questions you were asked on the interview trail?

[13:30] Differences between residency and fellowship interviews, and a discussion of the question “Where do you see yourself in ten years?”

[15:54] The importance of staying connected to the program where you trained.

[17:40] What things did you like during your interviews? What did the best places do?

[20:20] Was there anything about the process that surprised you?

[24:00] Conclusion and Closing Thoughts