Episode 146: Journal Club Discussing PIVOT trial, FLUID trial, Timing of Macula-Off RDs

Jay is joined in our final episode of 2018 for journal club by Drs. Daniel Chao and Ajay Kuriyan to discuss 3 recent publications: first the PIVOT trial comparing primary vitrectomy  and pneumatic retinopexy, then the FLUID study looking at the effect of residual SRF in wet AMD, and finally a study out of Stanford University looking at timing of macula-off retinal detachment repair. 


PIVOT Trial (https://www.aaojournal.org/article/S0161-6420(18)32275-9/fulltext)

FLUID Study (https://www.aaojournal.org/article/S0161-6420(18)32316-9/fulltext)

Timing of Macula-Off RD Repair (https://bjo.bmj.com/content/early/2018/12/01/bjophthalmol-2018-313191.long)


Dr. Chao is a consultant for Recens Medical, DTXPharma, Allergan, Visgenx, and Zilia and receives research funding from the National Eye Institute, Bright Focus Foundation, Clearside Biomedical, Chengdu Pharamaceuticals, Ophthea, Genentech, and Apellis Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kuriyan is a consultant for Alcon, Alimera Science, Allergan, and Valeant and receives research funding from Second Sight. None of these disclosures had any bearing on the discussion in this episode.