Episode 155: Argus II Quality of Life Improvements and More with Dr. Jacque Duncan

Duncan, Jacque clinical photo 2011 1000 dpi.jpg

Jay is joined by Dr. Jacque Duncan of the University of California San Francisco to discuss her research on quality of life improvements with the Argus II prosthesis and gene therapy, among other topics.

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Financial Disclosures:
Dr. Sridhar is a consultant for Alcon, Alimera Science, and Allergan. Dr. Duncan is a consultant for AGTC, Editas Medicine, ProQRTherapeutics, Spark Therapeutics, and SparingVision. She receives grant support from Acucela, Allergan, Neurotech USA, NightstaRx Limited, and Second Sight Medical Products. None of these disclosures had any bearing on the discussion.