Episode 158: Journal Club with Dr. Ajay Kuriyan and Dr. Shriji Patel, IVR versus IVA for wet AMD, Protocol T subanalysis, CSR natural history


Dr. Ajay Kuriyan from University of Rochester and Dr. Shriji Patel from Vanderbilt University the show for a journal club focusing on 3 recent publications in major ophthalmology journals, including a prospective study examining ranibizumab and aflibercept for wet macular degeneration, a sub analysis examining factors associated with better anatomic and visual improvements in Protocol T, and paper detailing the natural history of central serous retinopathy. 

IVR versus IVA for wet AMD (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaophthalmology/fullarticle/2722672)

Protocol T subanalysis (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaophthalmology/article-abstract/2722673)

CSR natural history (https://www.aaojournal.org/article/S0161-6420(17)32067-5/fulltext)

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Financial Disclosures: Dr. Kuriyan is a consultant for Regeneron, Allergan, Alimera, and Valeant and receives grant funding from Second Sight. Dr. Patel has no disclosures. Dr. Sridhar is a consultant for Allergan, Alimera Science, and Alcon Laboratories.