Episode 192: Solo Retina Practice Roundtable with Drs. Geeta Lalwani, Nora Khatib, and Nadeem Vaidya

Episode 192.png

Jay hosts a roundtable discussion with three retina doctors in solo practice: Dr. Geeta Lalwani, Dr. Nora Khatib, and Dr. Nadeem Vaidya. They discuss how they started in solo retina practice, what recommendations they have for retina doctors interested in pursuing that route, and the challenges that come from hanging a shingle.

Financial Disclosures:
Dr. Sridhar has received consulting fees from Alcon, Alimera, and Oxurion.
Dr. Vaidya has received consulting fees from Alimera.
Dr. Lalwani has received consulting fees from Regeneron and Ocugen and speaker fees from Genentech.
Dr. Khatib has no financial disclosures.