Episode 71: Dr. Allen Ho and Fran Fulton discuss the ARGUS device from the patient's perspective

Dr. Allen Ho and Fran Fulton

Dr. Allen Ho and Fran Fulton

Ms. Fran Fulton, the first patient to receive the ARGUS at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, and Dr. Allen Ho of the Wills Eye Hospital join the program to discuss what the ARGUS is and the potential impact it can have on a patient’s quality of life.


[0:57] Introduction

[1:30] Fran discusses her ocular history prior to meeting Dr. Ho.

[3:51] Dr. Ho discusses the ARGUS device, how it is implanted, and how it works.

[5:40] Fran discusses her experience as a patient receiving the ARGUS device.

[8:00] Fran talks about how the ARGUS device has affected her life.

[9:26] Dr. Ho’s thoughts on possible future improvements for the device.

[12:20] Fran discusses how Retinitis Pigmentosa has affected and will affect her family.

[14:40] Dr. Ho’s closing remarks on how advancements in vision can come about.

[15:42] Conclusion



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