Episode 70: Dr. James Major on Birds, Trials, and the ILM Texas Taco

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Dr. James Major of Retina Consultants of Houston joins the program to discuss life as the retina community's foremost bird expert, the impact of clinical trials on his practice, and a novel ILM draping technique for larger macular holes, the ILM Texas Taco. Then, Louis Cai and Michael Venincasa join Jay for a reflection on the first 70 episodes and where the podcast will go from here.

######## Thanks to Louie Cai for episode production and Mike Venincasa for episode outline ########

Dr. James Major

[1:31] Introduction & “How did you move from ornithology to ophthalmology?”

[3:05] Why retina?

[4:55] How do clinical trials fit into your daily routine and your practice?

[6:17] Can you talk about your transition from academics to private practice?

[7:46] What is the “Texas Island Taco,” how is it done, and when do you use it?

[11:25] Do you feel that your surgical practice patterns have changed since finishing your residency and fellowship?

[13:55] Discussion of surgical decisions and the struggle between retinal repair and cosmetic/refractive outcomes.

[17:30] Discussion of primary reattachment rates of various procedures.

[19:27] Trivia time with Dr. Smiddy!

[23:35] Discussion of the Texans and their influence in the community after the hurricane.

[24:48] Conclusion


Louie Cai & Mike Venincasa

[25:22] Introduction

[26:50] The beginning of Straight from the Cutter’s Mouth: Jay’s Story

[31:50] Louie’s Story

[34:20] Future Directions for the Podcast.

[36:07] Mike’s Story

[37:10] Forming Connections

[38:00] Conclusion




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