Episode 69: Retinal Physician October 2017 Issue Discussion, Diabetic Retinopathy

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Dr. Ajay Kuriyan from University of Rochester and Dr. Yasha Modi from New York University join the program to discuss diabetic retinopathy articles from the October 2017 issue of Retinal Physician (link: https://www.retinalphysician.com/issues/2017/october-2017). Topics covered including pearls to avoid and manage recurrent vitreous hemorrhage after diabetic vitrectomy, the role of focal laser for diabetic macular edema, and guidelines for diabetic retinopathy screening in the pediatric population.

##### Thanks to @Louie Cai for Episode Production and @Mike Venincasa for Episode Outline #####


[1:24] Introduction

[3:10] “Management of Recurrent Vitreous Hemorrhage After Diabetic Vitrectomy” by Elizabeth A. Atchison & Matthew W. MacCumber

[3:30] Rate of post-operative hemorrhage can be as high as a third. How can we minimize the number of times we have to take a patient to surgery, and what pearls did you take away from this article in terms of reducing vitreous hemorrhage?

[5:51] What is the disadvantage of injecting anti-VEGF?

[9:32] What is your exposure with in-office fluid/air exchange, discussed in the article?

[12:08] What is your experience with use of anterior cryotherapy to decrease fibrovascular ingrowth of sclerotomy sites?

[13:45] What do you do to reduce risk of vitreous hemorrhage?

[18:57] Discussion of the risk vs. benefit of different sutures.

[20:37] “Treatment of Focal vs Diffuse Diabetic Macular Edema” by Hang Pham & Levent Akduman

[22:12] How do you apply laser to your practice and how do you use it in combination with anti-VEGF?

[23:50] What about micropulse?

[26:30] Discussion about use of focal laser in practice today.

[27:56] Any closing thoughts?

[29:00] “Young Diabetics: Can Vision Loss Be Prevented?” by Jaclyn L. Kovach & Ingrid U. Scott

[29:58] What are your thoughts on screening guidelines? Do you follow them? How should they change going forward?

[33:15] Conclusion




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