Episode 68: Dr. R.V. Paul Chan discusses Retinopathy of Prematurity

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Dr. R.V. Paul Chan of the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary joins the program to discuss retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) including a review of basic terminology, updates of medical advances and the role of anti-VEGF drugs, and the role of telemedicine in the future of ROP worldwide. 

##### Thanks to @Mike Venincasa for Episode Outline and @Louie Cai for Episode Production #####

[0:58] Introduction

[1:30] How did you decide to be an ophthalmologist?

[2:48] Was retina something high on your priority list going into ophthalmology?

[5:58] How did you move from general retina to pediatric retina and ROP?

[7:55] Can you quickly review the basics of ROP?

[11:50] How do you incorporate anti-VEGF into your practice, and how do you see its future role in management?

[15:20] What advice would you have for newly-graduated retina fellows going into practice who encounter pediatric patients who may require surgery?

[17:55] Where are we in terms of telemedicine for ROP, and what kind of future advances or challenges do you foresee?

[20:15] What is the global burden of ROP? Do you think it is something underreported because of access?

[21:40] How have your mentors/mentees affected your decision for an academic career?

[23:55] A lot of fellows feel like their first job will be their last job, but you just switched jobs. Any thoughts on this?

[28:28] Conclusion



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