Episode 67: Dr. Zelia Correa Discusses Ocular Oncology, Women in Retina



Dr. Zelia Correa, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Cincinnati, joins the program to discuss her career development, approach to ocular oncology diagnostic and surgical dilemmas, and the challenges still facing women in retina today. Dr. Correa was recently featured in a profile by Retina Roundup (link).

 ####### Thanks to @Louie Cai for episode production and @Mike Venincasa for episode outline! ######

[1:15] Introduction

[1:52] How did you end up as an ophthalmologist, retina specialist, and ocular oncologist?

[5:38] What led you to pursue an academic position after fellowship?

[9:15] What are the most common mistakes/misses you see with retina specialists when it comes to ocular oncology diagnoses?

[13:01] Any pearls in terms of how you approach your vitrectomies (POST-RADIATION)?

[18:24] What is the earliest and the latest you’ve taken a patient to surgery post-plaque placement?

[20:54] How do you think the field has changed when it comes to women in the field, and what barriers still exist for women in retina?

[24:02] Some say that women need to be more proactive in terms of “asking for what you want” in order to advance your career. Is this something that you have experienced?

[27:30] Discussion about unconscious bias and what to do when you realize that it is occurring.

[30:00] Conclusion


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