Episode 62: Retinitis Pigmentosa and Associated Syndromes with Dr. Matthew Weed


Dr. Matthew Weed of the Spokane Eye Clinic continues his series of hereditary retinal disease review by discussing retinitis pigmentosa and associated syndromes with Jay.


Episode Summary by Michael Venincasa. 


[0:52] Introduction

[2:03] Can you discuss a bit about cone and rod dystrophies?

[5:55] Let’s focus first on Retinitis Pigmentosa - its history, prevalence, and inheritance.

[8:55] If I am a resident seeing a patient, when should I think of RP and what else should be on my differential?

[12:35] Which recommendations/treatments do you offer someone after diagnosis with RP?

[18:15] RP is famous for its syndromic associations. Can we talk first about Usher Syndrome? (“RP + Hearing Loss is Usher Syndrome until proven otherwise.”)

[22:35] How about Bardet-Biedl Syndrome (BBS) or Laurence-Moon Syndrome (LMS)?

[28:05] What are your thoughts on Kyrie Irving requesting a trade, and what it means for your Celtics?

[33:15] Conclusion


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