Episode 63: Dr. Craig Greven Discusses Surgical Retina, the ACCORD eye study, and more

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Dr. Craig Greven, Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, NC, joins the show to discuss his approach to various surgical retina conditions, the ACCORD eye study, and advice for newly minted retina attendings.

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######## Episode Outline by @Mike Venincasa ########

[0:48] Introduction

[1:17] How did you end up becoming an ophthalmologist, and then a retina specialist?

[2:16] Was retina something you knew that you were interested in from the beginning, given your interest in neuroscience?

[3:55] Can you describe some of your current surgical preferences?

[6:14] How do you approach retinal detachments surgically?

[7:55] Some retrospective data have shown that phakic patients who receive vitrectomy alone may have a lower primary reattachment rate than patients who are phakic and have a buckle. Dr. Greven tends to feel that the buckle is more effective in the phakic patient simply because you’re not able to remove as much gel.

[8:50] How do you approach giant retinal tears?

[10:32] Transitioning to your research… what is the ACCORD trial you are involved with?

[14:14] Why don’t we discuss these implications of fenofibrate with other specialties more often? (“Low-dose fenofibrate daily might limit the progression of retinopathy.”)

[16:35] Do you use anti-VEGF for PDR at this point?

[18:40] Some groups have showed a greater risk of ocular HTN in patients with repeated anti-VEGF injections. How do you keep this in mind with your patients?

[20:41] What advice do you have for newly-minted retina specialists, and what challenges will they encounter?

[23:01] One final question: how do you keep a balance between your parenthood and your career?

[24:35] Conclusion


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