Episode 91: Diabetic Vitrectomy and More with Dr. Maria Berrocal


Dr. Maria Berrocal of Berrocal & Associates in San Juan, Puerto Rico joins the program to share her expertise in the field of diabetic vitrectomy including patient selection and timing, preoperative considerations, and intraoperative techniques for approaching diabetic tractional detachments.


[1:00] Introduction

[2:01] What attracted you to the field of retina?

[4:11] When do you start considering surgery for a diabetic patient?

[7:34] Do you think that we are slower going to vitrectomy due to data derived from 20-gauge studies?

[9:25] Do you use preoperative anti-VEGF?

[10:35] Do you think that PRP helps you or hurts you?

[13:15] Discussion about decision-making with respect to timing of surgery.

[15:27] When taking a diabetic to surgery, what is your initial approach?

[17:33] What do you do for hemostasis?

[19:28] How do you perform blunt dissection? What type of maneuver do you do?

[23:15] What sort of tamponade do you use, and how is this influenced by the pathology you see?

[26:47] What are your thoughts on buckles, and timing for cataract surgery?

[30:00] If you do not have a fluorescein pre-op, how do you scale where the PRP is relative to the arcades?

[31:33] What is the current standing of Puerto Rico with respect to the social and medical scene?

[35:58] Conclusion and Closing Thoughts