Episode 92: Journal Club discussing PROTEUS study, IRIS study IOP with anti-VEGF therapy, and Academic Chair Selection

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Dr. Jonathan Chang of University of Wisconsin-Madison and Dr. Ajay Kuriyan of University of Rochester join the program for a journal club discussing three recent articles in Ophthalmology concerning panretinal laser versus panretinal laser combined with anti-VEGF for high-risk proliferative diabetic retinopathy, an IRIS registry study describing real-world intraocular pressure changes with prolonged anti-VEGF therapy, and selection of academic department chairs in ophthalmology. All articles can be found below:



[1:20] Introduction

[2:05] Can you tell us about the PROTEUS study?

[4:25] Were you surprised that NVD is less likely to progress than NVE?

[6:45] Discussion of PRP frequency in monotherapy vs. anti-VEGF group.

[7:50] In a treatment-naïve patient, how do you decide the extent of PRP that you do?

[10:30] Discussion of the difficulty to scale how much PRP you do with use of anti-VEGF.

[11:30] Loss to follow-up

[12:10] Any major limitations of the study?

[20:55] Summary of the Atchinson study.

[27:00] What were the limitations of this “big-data” study?

[34:01] Summary of the Albert study on selection of an ophthalmology chair.

[36:00] Do you like the “rotating chair” idea that was suggested?

[41:55] What are you looking forward to with the NBA season, specifically with the Knicks?

[43:52] Conclusion


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