Episode 88: Ultrasonography and Endoscopy with Dr. Yale Fisher


Dr. Yale Fisher, founder of the http://www.ophthalmicedge.org education website, joins the program to discuss tips for learning and utilizing ultrasonography effectively as a retinal specialist and applications of endoscopy for retinal surgery.


[1:03] Introduction

[1:40] How did you end up as an ophthalmologist and retinal specialist?     

[3:57] When teaching residents/fellows about ultrasounds, you’ve seen the good and the bad. What do you think is most important when using ultrasound in one’s practice?

[8:42] How do you distinguish retina from posterior hyaloid?

[10:55] What are your thoughts about how good ultrasound can be at identifying retinal tears.

[14:10] When do you feel that endoscopic vitrectomy is most useful, what gauge do you use, and do you have any tips for its use?

[23:00] Any closing words?

[23:51] Conclusion