Episode 89: Ophthalmology Match Q&A Group Discussion

Residency Panel 2018.png

For the second straight year matched ophthalmology residency applicants at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (Daniela Reyes-Capo, Karam Alawa, Louie Cai) join the program to answer questions about the ophthalmology match from future applicants (Angela Chang, Michael Venincasa).


[1:00] Introduction

[2:30] Why ophthalmology?

[4:58] What was the best piece of advice you were given during the application process, and do you have any advice you’d like to pass along?

[7:27] Was there any bad advice you’ve received, or anything you wish you would have done differently during the application process?

[1:10] How many programs did you apply to? If doing it again, would you apply to more or fewer? How many interviews did you attend?

[15:10] Do you have any tips for deciding on interview dates and scheduling interviews?

[19:30] Did you take time off during fourth year? When did you take your Step 2 CK and CS exams?

[23:40] What were the most common questions you were asked during interviews? Any surprises?

[29:20] What did you look for in a school?

[35:05] Did you feel that you were able to adequately explore/experience cities you visited?

[37:43] How did you keep track of your rank list during the process?

[40:10] Did you send thank you letters? Did you tell your top choice that they were your top choice?

[44:20] What were you doing when you found out where you matched?

[48:06] Final remarks/Conclusion