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Picking favorite episodes for our production team is like choosing between our children. Each of our episodes features tremendous guests who make re-listening to episodes enjoyable. Still, we tasked each member of our team with picking the first three episodes that come to mind when they think of our podcast. Without further ado, here are the team’s thoughts:

Louie Cai

Here are my three:

1. Episode 31: Loss of Vision after Intravitreal Injections for "Stem Cells", Journal Club and Dr. Matthew Weed

I think this episode first showed how important it is for us to prevent the spread of medical misinformation. Whether through videos, articles, or podcasts, we have a duty not to just the patients that see us, but also to the community in which we live. Social media, when used correctly, can be a powerful tool to share information, collaborate, and educate the public.

2. Episode 36: The Legacy of Dr. William Tasman

I've listened to this episode multiple times. It speaks to me on a very personal level. For me, Dr. Tasman's legacy is something I want to continuously aspire towards. His emphasis on good character, first and foremost, inspires me to keep my priorities straight in life. Actually, I think I put this episode on while walking around Philly the night before my Wills interview.

3. Episode 64: Yag Laser for Floaters, Journal Club

I get asked about floaters all the time in the hospital. I love this journal club episode, especially the article selection and how balanced the discussion was evaluating the pros/cons of Yag laser. The eye institute in my city just got a new Yag laser for floaters, so I sounded exceptionally informed when my attendings asked me if I've "heard of the procedure." :)

Angela Chang

1. Episode 122: Starting in Clinical Research in Private Practice with Dr. Arshad Khanani

Putting together a clinical trial, especially in private practices, comes with many challenges. In this episode, we get to trace back with Dr. Khanani as he shares how he built up a successful clinical research division at his practice.

2. Episode 96: Dr. Mark Blumenkranz Discusses Working with Industry, Academic Chair Selection and Work Demands, and Pattern-Scanning Laser

It’s always fascinating to hear physicians talk about the events and influences in their lives that got them to where they are today, such as is the case here with Dr. Blumenkranz, who has led such an interesting, diverse, and distinguished career in both the medical and business worlds.

3. Episode 72: Literature and Medicine, Dr. Andrew Lam and Dr. Emily Silverman

As a literature enthusiast, I really enjoyed hearing about how Drs. Lam and Silverman have incorporated medicine into their passion for writing.

Mike Venincasa

1. Episode 71: Dr. Allen Ho and Fran Fulton Discuss the ARGUS Device from the Patient's Perspective

We talk a lot about technological advances and how they can improve the lives of our patients, and in this episode we were able to see that first-hand. Especially for a device where one has to basically “re-learn” to see, it was fascinating to hear about Ms. Fulton’s experience.

2. Episode 89: Ophthalmology Match Q&A Group Discussion

As a fourth-year student applying for ophthalmology residency, the post-match panels have always been extremely helpful for me. This particular episode is special since it features our own Louie Cai! I enjoyed hearing about the students’ experiences and their advice was extremely helpful.

3. Episode 54: Starting Surgical Retina Fellowship Mailbag Panel

As a medical student, we think a lot about what life will be like as a resident; this episode was interesting to me as it took things one step further to delve into the differences between residency and fellowship, and how to best balance your time (and protect your back!).

Jay Sridhar

Despite asking our team the tough questions I almost copped out and said my favorite episodes were all of the journal clubs, physician interviews, and non-physician interviews. But here are the first 3 that came to mind when thinking about the podcast. If I wanted someone who had never heard an episode to understand what we try to do, these are the 3 I would pick in no particular order (note: Mike already mentioned Episode 71 so to be unique I excluded it from list).

1. Episode 50: Medicare Fraud in Florida, Legal Case Discussion with Dr. Julia Haller

Dr. Haller is a brilliant physician and storyteller and the insights she gives regarding the details of this sad case of Medicare fraud make this a must-listen for me.

2. Episode 87: Masterpiece Retina Part Three with Dr. Ajay Kuriyan and Dr. Will Parke

Each Masterpiece Retina is like listening to an XM Radio station that only plays “the best of”. Dr. Will Parke handpicks these interesting and relevant articles from the past for discussion; while each of the three editions were educational, the third one was the first one that comes to mind for me.

3. Episode 120: Subretinal Surgery, Gene Therapy, and More with Dr. Ninel Gregori

I do most of the interviews for the show over the phone for logistical reasons. When I get the chance to sit-down in person with a wonderful physician and hear their story the product is at its most organic. Dr. Gregori was the first retinal surgeon I ever saw operate and this episode, beginning with a discussion of her childhood growing up in the Soviet Union and ending with her experiences with gene therapy and staffing vitreoretinal fellows in the OR, is what the podcast is all about.

Whether you are a long-time listener or a newcomer to our podcast, we hope that this list helps you to relive your favorite episodes or provides you with an enjoyable introduction to our contact. As always, we appreciate every one of you, and we thank you for all of your support.


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